Amir Azarmehr

azarmehr.a at northeastern dot edu
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I am a PhD student in computer science at Northeastern University, where I am advised by Soheil Behnezhad.
I am broadly interested in theoretical computer science, combinatorial optimization, and randomized algorithms. My research is currently focused on the theoretical aspects of big data graph algorithms, which includes graph algorithms in the sublinear, streaming, and dynamic regimes.
Before joining Northeastern I received BSc degrees in computer science and math from Sharif University.
Amir Azarmehr


Fully Dynamic Matching: (2-√2)-Approximation in Polylog Update Time ( SODA '24 )
Amir Azarmehr, Soheil Behnezhad, Mohammad Roghani

Robust Communication Complexity of Matching: EDCS Achieves 5/6 Approximation ( ICALP '23 )
Amir Azarmehr, Soheil Behnezhad